It is both dressy and durable. It has a bit of shine, not as flat as broadcloth, but not as shiny as royal oxford or twill. It works well in both formal and casual occasions. A pinpoint dress shirt feels a bit more substantial than a broadcloth dress shirt, making it a tad thicker and less transparent.
Difference between pinpoint and oxford fabric
Pinpoint fabric and Oxford fabrics weave the threads together the same way. The difference between the fabrics is not in the weave, but in the thickness and weight of the yarns that are used. Pinpoint generally has a higher thread count, and a lighter, finer weave then Oxford Cloth. Thus, pinpoint dress shirts are preferable over oxford cloth dress shirts in formal situations. Pinpoint makes for an elegant wedding dress shirt, or business interview dress shirt, while oxford cloth would be better suited for a casual or outdoor event.